The Batmobile
of the 1980's

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I took a long hiatus from comic books from about 1977 until 1992, so I missed this version of the Batmobile. I have since seen it in stories collected into several anthologies published by DC, such as The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told. The illustration at right is from another collection, Batman in the Sixties. I don't know the actual origin of this Batmobile, but apparently it represents a return to a more traditional style, after the nondescript roadster of the '70s. The twin bubble windshields and the fins on the rear fenders are reminiscent of the TV Batmobile, as is the rather small turbine exhaust nozzle in the rear of the car. The open cockpit is also like the TV Batmobile, but it is also similar to the sports car Batmobile from the early '60s. Perhaps because I wasn't reading the comics when this version of the Batmobile was featured it has less appeal to me than some of the others, but it is not a bad design.

Model of the 1980's Batmobile

1/24 Scale

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