Batman (1989)

The Tim Burton directed 1989 movie, Batman, was imaginative, if nothing else. It provided Batman with a flying craft (called the "Batwing" in promotional and supplemental material but never actually named in the movie) that was unlike any Batplane that had existed before.

Unfortunately, the movie was shot so darkly that screen shots like this just don't show much of the Batwing.
Well-lit photos of the sfx model in the studio, like this, are much more useful.
Another view of the studio model.
This appears to be a concept drawing by Anton Furst, the production designer for Batman. The main difference between it and the Batwing as it appeared in the movie seems to be the size of the canopy and cockpit, which determines the overall scale. The Batwing in this concept drawing is a much larger craft than the one in the movie.

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