Batplane VII

There were two different Batplane designs introduced in the 1980's. This one is of more interest to a modeler since it is large enough to be a practical aircraft and it is based on a real fighter, the F-15 Eagle.

From Batman Annual, 1982. The raked air intakes and the shape of the horizontal tail surfaces (elevators) are similar to those of the F-15 Eagle. Note the VTOL vents under the wings.
From Batman Annual, 1982. The profile of the nose and canopy suggest the F-15 Eagle, though the rest of the drawing is generic enough.
From Batman Annual, 1982. This picture doesn't show much of the Batplane but its reference to the Batplane as an "eagle" returning to its "eagle's nest" is interesting since the F-15's name is the "Eagle."
Detective Comics No. 541, August 1984. The rectangular air intakes resemble those of an F-15. The one significant difference between this Batplane and the F-15, however, is the single vertical stabilizer. The Eagle has two.
From Untold Legends of the Batman, September 1980. The profile drawing in this panel is the strongest case for arguing that this Batplane is based on the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.
A comparison of the profile drawing from the comic book with the side view of an F-15 Eagle as seen on the NASA Dryden website.

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