Batplane VIII, The Batwing

The first "Batwing" appeared in Tim Burton's movie, Batman, in 1989. Since no Batplane was used for the next ten years in the comics, it seems only reasonable that when it did reappear in the early years of the new millenium, it would be a similar design. No doubt this was reinforced by the use of a Batwing style aircraft in the very popular animated TV series of the '90s.

From Detective Comics No. 781, June 2003. The first Batwing to appear in the comics is the one most similar to the Batwing in the Burton movie.
From Batman No. 616, August 2002. This version is from the "Hush" story arc. This is the only image of a Batplane in this arc and it's hard to tell from this angle what the aircraft actually looks like, but it could very well be a Batwing style ship.
From Batman No. 639, June 2005. This Batwing seems to owe more to the animated Batman series than it does to the movie, mostly due to the connection of the "fuselage" to the "wings" of the craft being aft of the center of the ship.
From Batman No. 639, June 2005. The thickened cross section of the "wings" seems to be an influence from the Batwing as seen in the movie Batman Forever (1995).
From Batman No. 640, July 2005. This Batwing is even more similar to the one in the animated series than the depiction in the previous issue. The only thing about it not like the animated Batwing is the thickening of the "wings" as in Batman Forever.

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