Various Views of the Batplane II
From Batman No. 72 (Aug/Sep 1952).
From Batman No. 84 (June 1954).
From Batman No. 103 (October 1956).
From Batman No. 116 (June 1958).
From Batman No. 130 (March 1960).
From Detective Comics No. 297 (November 1961).
From Batman No. 146 (March 1962).
From Batman No. 150 (September 1962).
From Detective Comics No. 326 (April 1964).
From Detective Comics No. 329 (July 1964). By this issue, the "New Look" had been introduced but the Batplane was still the same old design.
From Detective Comics No. 329 (July 1964). The Batplane in this issue could be the pattern for the model kit produced originally by Aurora and later reissued by Polar Lights.

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