Claws of the Cat-Woman (September 1999)

An "Elseworlds" Batman/Tarzan cross-over story by Igor Kordey featured a sleek, jet-powered Batplane in 1939. In Claws of the Cat-Woman, Batman joins Tarzan in a battle against dark forces in Africa. They journey from Gotham City to Tarzan's homeland in a futuristic (for 1939) but believable jet-powered Batplane. The design seems to be a mixture of the Italian Caproni jet and the German rocket-powered Me 163. Although Kordey's notes indicate he did some research on early jets, he is wrong in thinking that any jet plane of that period, even one with pontoons (sic "skies") filled with fuel, could have made a nonstop flight from America to Africa. The early jet engines were real fuel hogs and the drag of the pontoons would only increase the problem, not mitigate it. Still, it is a pretty design and there's no mystery about why it doesn't have a propeller.

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