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Presented by Bob's Pop Culture Place
The Blackhawk website is pleased to have been selected for the "Wunnadese" award, presented by Bob's Pop Culture Place
The Blackhawk Site is very proud to have been awarded the Aurora Outstanding Site Award. According to Ariel, Area51 Contest Committee Chair, "This award only goes to the very best comics sites on the web." I'll do my best to live up to that thought.
The Blackhawk Site is very pleased to receive the "Best of Fandom Award" from Fanzing, a leading online magazine dedicated to all things DC.
The Blackhawk Website's first award came when CultTVMan named it one of his Favorites. See it by clicking on the icon at the left. If you haven't visited CultTVMan's site, I recommend it. It covers the world of sci-fi modeling, including comics.

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