Issue #7

October 1989

Deadstick: Andre and Olaf's suspicions about Muroc deepen, and Olaf disappears into Dr. Gurndfest's lab. Janos and Chuck return from China and discover things are even weirder at home. They fly to Muroc where no one has ever heard of Andre or Olaf. Hardesty, a CIA agent takes the Blackhawks, including Grover, to the base that is posing as "Muroc." During a test of the XF1-B, Jan discovers the planes have been sabotaged. They all bail out just as the planes explode.

Bloody Fingers: A Blackhawk Express story. A mystery about a murdered courier ends with Chan chasing a helicopter in a Fokker DR-1 triplane. At least it has some flying scenes in it, and there is a neat panel at the "Tipton Flying Museum" with the Batplane sitting on the runway with other antique aircraft.

Blackhawk: The best thing in this series, a reprint of the original Blackhawk story from 1941. Written by Bob Powell and illustrated by Chuck Cuidera.

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