Issue #9

December 1989

The Needle hand: A Jewish tattoo artist in prison tells how he helped Jan Prohaska after Blackhawk had escaped from "The Circus." Dr. Grundfest tracks Blackhawk to the tattoo parlour. Blackhawk fights Grundfest, knocks him unconscious and executes him. This is another scene with which I am not comfortable. It is too easy for Pasko's Blackhawk to shoot people in cold blood. We soon learn that Grundfest is not dead. The tattoist, who had been tortured by Grundfest at Auschwitz, flays him and tattoos a swastika on the skin. But Prohaska didn't know that he hadn't killed Grundfest. Sure, Grundfest was a murdering Nazi who deserved to die, but Blackhawk should have let the law do that, not personnally become the executioner. (DLT: see my remarks for Annual #1)

NOTE: I recieved a rather irate email from someone actually named Grundfest who informed me that it is a Jewish name and that a number of the Grundfest family perished at the hands of the Nazis. Obviously, this person was not happy to see their name used for a murdering Nazi. Along with the other faults of this story arc, Pasko managed to insult an entire Jewish family.

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