Blackhawk Aircraft from the Chaykin Timeline

Chaykin's mini-series and it's spin-offs presented a whole new set of aircraft in Blackhawk markings. I haven't built models of any of these planes yet, but I have the kits!

Chaykin's version of the "failure ridden" Grumman F5F-1 Skyrocket, from Blood and Iron. In the spin-off series, the Blackhawks seem to have returned to Grumman built F5F-1s, since they no longer sport the fixed landing gear of the Soviet built models (see below). Go to the Color Profile page for more about these Skyrockets.

In Book Two of Chaykin's series, Red Snow, he has the Grumman built F5F's replaced with "improved" Soviet built copies, that include fixed, skirted main landing gear. Why this is an improvement over the original's retracting gear is not explained. This version also has a two place cockpit with a rear facing machine gun. The degradation in the performance of what is supposed to be a fighter as a result of this increased weight is ignored. The whole idea seems ill conceived. See the History of the Blackhawks: Chaykin Revision for more thoughts on this subject.

In the second series, the Blackhawks operate an airline sponsored by the CIA as a cover for covert operations. This picture, from issue #2, shows a Douglas C-47 Dakota in the livery of "Blackhawk Airways Inc."

From issue #11, a Sikorsky S-55 helicopter in Blackhawk markings.

The 1992 Blackhawk Special #1 presents a variety of aircraft. For long distance flights the Blackhawks used this Douglas B-66 Destroyer.

Also from Special #1 is this Harrier in Blackhawk livery. Finally, after two fictional VTOLs, the F-105 and its successor, aeronautical technology caught up with the Blackhawks and produced a practical VTOL combat aircraft.

Finally from Special #1, for close support the Blackhawks used a UH-1 Huey utility helicopter and two AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters. The Blackhawk insignia are on the tail booms of the AH-1s.

From Boris the Bear #17, the Blackbear parody of Chaykin's mini-series highlighted the absurdity of Soviet built Skyrockets by having Blackbear's F5F's not only built in Russia, but powered by Russian built turbo-jet engines!

Also from Boris the Bear #17 - what more appropriate threat for Blackbear to fight than the War Heel. Blackbear defeats this monstrous machine by scattering banana peels in its path, causing it to slip and fall over! (Okay, I know this isn't an aircraft, but it's too cool to leave out.)

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