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Dave Cockrum Gallery: Skyhawk

Dave sent:

"Many years ago I came up with a character, Skyhawk. He wears a red-and-white outfit inspired to some degree by the Japanese anime series Gatchaman. He flies a stylized hawk-shaped aircraft somewhat inspired by the 'god-bird' configuration of Raideen from the anime series of the same name.

My original notion was to tie it loosely into the Blackhawk mythos. One issue of Blackhawk (issue #180) had a story about Blackhawk's 'son'. The kid wasn't, if I recall, but Blackhawk sort of took him under his wing anyway. My proposal--and it was pitched to DC at a time when Blackhawk wasn't being published--was that Blackhawk had helped support this kid, had put him through college, and then the Blackhawks had disappeared.

The kid, working with an eccentric, reclusive, but brilliant scientist named Dr. Vodor, designed and built the Hawk and created the Skyhawk identity so that he could go looking for the Blackhawks. Naturally, he would wind up getting into a lot of superhero adventures along the way.

As frequently happened, nobody at DC was interested. I've since revamped Skyhawk and given him a different origin and background."

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