The Carmine Infantino/William Dubay Blackhawk Miniseries

Back in 1984, when the Blackhawk series produced by Mark Evanier and Dan Speigle was cancelled, DC apparently decided to take one more swing at the title. Carmine Infantino and William Dubay produced a Blackhawk mini-series. Unfortunately, DC decided not to publish the mini-series. It has been "lost" since then, something Blackhawk fans would dearly love to see, but weren't sure still existed, if it ever had. It is real and it does exist. Bill Dubay contacted me and confirmed that it did exist and that he still has a copy of Infantino's art and his original script. He even offered to provide copies for display here but, due to the press of his business, has not been able to do so, yet. In the meantime, Infantino's agent is currently offering three pages of the original artwork for sale (click here for the sale page), so we can, at least, see some samples of how this story looked.

Click on the thunbnails below to see more about each piece.

Thanks to Mark Evanier for alerting me to the Infantino pages for sale.

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