New Blackhawk Adventures

Some Blackhawk fans have decided that waiting for DC to bring back their favorite title is futile, so they have created their own Blackhawk stories. And see what readers have to say about the stories in Blackhawk Bylines.

Blackhawk on Earth-X

Dan Thompson (yes, your friendly neighborhood webmaster) presents a Blackhawk series set in an alternate history in which WW II does not end in 1945 and the Allies and the Nazis continue the war even as they maintain a wary atomic standoff.

Blackhawk International

Derrick Ferguson has set his story in the Blackhawk universe created by Howard Chaykin. A new Blackhawk leads a new international team under the oversight of original Blackhawks, Chop Chop and Chuck. (Editor's Note: This appears to be an abandoned story)

The Supremacy Helix

by Humberto M. Ferre'. A Nick Fury/Blackhawk cross-over story set in the Blackhawk universe created by Howard Chaykin. Fury and the Blackhawks battle old foes gathered under the banner of Hydra.

Men of War, Wheel of Peace

by Michael Hutchison. A story about Sgt. Rock, Easy Company and Gravedigger battling a War Wheel on Christmas day, 1945. Mentions the Blackhawks' earlier encounters with War Wheels.

Taps for Blackhawk

This story, by Darkmark, is about the original team but takes place some years after the events described in No. 250 and is something of a sequel to No. 242.

None of the writers displaying their Blackhawk stories on this site are making any money from the effort, so the only reward they get is feedback from other fans. Frankly, as a writer I know that although I always like to hear nice things said about my work, I appreciate a well reasoned criticism even more. The former is good for my ego, but the latter may improve my writing.

Fans who read Blackhawk in the '60s will remember that the letters page was called Blackhawk Bylines. I'm reinstituting that tradition here, with letters about the stories here on the Unofficial Blackhawk Website. Click on the logo above to read or write a letter.

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