Issue No. 31

June 1950

Blackhawk A story: Stanislaus receives a letter from his home country and asks for some personal leave. Blackhawk suspects trouble and follows him. Stan meets Leska, a beautiful woman who used to be his friend but is now a Communist agent. She directs her men to take Stan prisoner, but Blackhawk jumps to the rescue. They return to Blackhawk Island where Stan has trouble remembering his team-mates, because of a blow to his head, he says. The Black Knights are called to the country of Porobo because of threats that foreign agents are going to influence elections. Sure enough, Leska and her agents are there with boxes of phony ballots. When the Blackhawks try to capture her, Stan interfers and rescues Leska. Of course, it's not really Stan, but and imposter substituted during the first fight. The Blackhawks follow and rescue the real Stan, who defeats the phony Stan and Leska.

Editor's note: Some elements of this plot were incorporated into the Blackhawk movie serial.

Chop-Chop: Chop-Chop foils plan to assassinate a prince.

Blackhawk B story: Blackhawk impersonates himself to capture assassins.

Blackhawk C story: Escaped criminals try to take over Blackhawk Island.

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