Issue No. 50

March 1952

The Killer Shark - The peaceful city of KAMARD is attacked and looted by the fish jets of Killer Shark. The Blackhawks drive them into the sea for an easy victory, but the fish jets convert to subs and escape to the shark's nest. Locating Killer's secret hideout, the Hawks defeat Killer's band, as he is thrown into a tank of sharks and supposedly eaten.

Text Page of "ORIGIN OF THE BLACKHAWKS" - Pictures each Blackhawk and answers "countless inquires from the millions of fans of BLACKHAWK, America's greatest comic magazine".

CHOP CHOP - Chop crash lands into the middle of a rustling operation on an indian reservation, and becomes honorary Chief Chop Chop.

The Lost Express - The forces of Dictator LASTIN of BROVIA, attack peaceful PRELNA, but are driven off by the Hawks. President GROME of Brovia agrees to peace and boards a "Peace Express" train for Prelna which mysteriously disappears in a tunnel. Dictator Lastin, behind the disappearance, is defeated by the Hawks as they rescue the Peace Express.

The Flying Octopus ? - CORVIK and his gas spreading ballon, called the flying octopus, attack BANGLOW. Battling Corvik, the Blackhawks are captured, but escape to their jets, and shoot down the flying octopus.

Thanks to David Chapman for the cover and to Roger Hill for the synopsis for this issue.

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