Issue No. 61

February 1953

Stalin's Ambassador of Murder - Stalin's agent, Vashily, under the commonest name in America, John Smith, travels to America, and shoots John Trash, president of the United World Council. Traveling to Paris, he posions the water supply and incites riots. On to Beran, to kill their new president, he is trapped by the Hawks.

Chop Chop - Attempting to become a hero, and earn a medal, Chop blunders onto a movie set upsetting their schedule.

The World Destroyer - Dictator ZAVAN of Russlo attacks Bargovia with 2 rocket tractors dragging a huge chain between them, which levels everything in it's path. The Hawks defeat Zavan's army by turning the chain against them and destroying Zavan in the process.

Guerrilla --- The Unknown Hero - The GUERRILLA, operating behind enemy lines in Upper Shangshi, is ambushed and wounded. The Hawks rush to his rescue only to be attacked by the Reds. Guerrilla fights to the death, allowing the Blackhawks to escape and destroy the Red's floating airfield.

Thanks to Roger Hill for providing the synopsis for this issue.

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