Issue No. 63

April, 1953

The Attack to End the World!: A mysterious space ship appears and attacks the free nations of the world. Ordinary weapons prove useless against it. The huge ship lands outside the United World Headquarters and aliens emerge, demanding that Earth destroy all weapons and atomic piles or Earth will be destroyed by the aliens. The Blackhawks defy the aliens and fight their way out of the meeting chamber. Blackhawk broadcasts a message telling the world not to surrender to the aliens. The Blackhawk jets take off but are blasted out of the sky by the space ship. The UW chief tells the alien leader that the largest store of weapons and the biggest atomic pile are beyond reach on Blackhawk Island. The space ship flies to the island and blasts everything there into rubble. The Black Knights appear, not dead after all (their jets had been under remote control), and fight the aliens. When the aliens try to escape in their ship, Blackhawk destroys it with an atomic shell from his automatic cannon. He explains that the aliens weren't from another planet, but a charade perpetrated by an evil super-scientist working for the Russians. When the UW chief laments the destruction of Blackhawk Island, Blackhawk pulls a lever and giant doors open, revealing that all the real aircraft and equipment is safe in underground chambers.

Chop Chop: In Ughastan, Chop Chop helps a beautiful girl get to her sweetheart.

The Flying Buzz-saws: In the South China Sea, a Red battleship launches huge rocket propelled buzz-saw blades against the free nations. The spinning blades slice through buildings, airplanes, people and ships. Stan's plane is destroyed and he is picked up by the battleship, becoming a hostage that prevents the Blackhawks from bombing it. They sail a sampan to sneak aboard, but are captured by the beautiful female pirate, Madam Jade. She sells them to the captain of the battleship, but when she sees the brutality of the Reds, she changes sides and frees the Blackhawks and brings her pirates to fight at their side. The Reds launch a flying buzz-saw at Madam Jade's ship, but Blackhawk destroys one of its rockets with a hand grenade, causing the buzz-saw to swing around and slice the battleship in half.

Blackhawk Loses His Wings!: In a dogfight with Commie fighters over the democracy of Balvania, Blackhawk receives a head wound that grounds him. Fortunately, a famous surgeon, Dr. Ganso, lives nearby. Dr. Ganso shows the team an x-ray of Blackhawk's head with a metal sliver next to his brain. The doctor says this will prevent Blackhawk from ever flying again. Blackhawk instructs the team to go on without him, and Dr. Ganso sets Blackhawk up as the leader of a local band of patriots who are fighting Red traitors. The new team is called the Badgers and they are soon smashing spy rings and capturing traitors to democracy. But Blackhawk longs to fly again. In a fight in a scrap metal plant, Blackhawk uses a giant magnet to pull the guns from the bad guys hands. Later, back at Dr. Ganso's mansion, the Badgers turn on Blackhawk. Ganso and the Badgers are secretly working for the Commies. They used Blackhawk to build a reputation for the Badgers, who will now take over the government and pave the way for revolution. Suddenly, the rest of the Blackhawks burst in and beat the Badgers to a pulp. Blackhawk had figured out their scheme when he realized the giant magnet should have moved the metal sliver Dr. Ganso said was in his head.

Thanks to David Chapman for providing the cover scan for this issue.

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