Issue No. 64

May 1953

The Flying Submarines - Pacific shipping is menaced by flying subs led by modern day pirate, MASSACAR. Using special bullets filled with concentrated dye, the Hawks follow Massacar to his underwater hideout, the lost island of Atlantis. Blackhawk and Chop Chop are captured, but summon the other Hawks to their rescue, destroying the flying subs and Massacar.

Chop Chop - Chop visits friend CHING LU at his laundry. Trying to help Ching pay the rent, he tangles with a crook earning $500 reward.

The Legion of the Doomed - ZOLTAN KORUAS and his female partner, DESIRA, capture Blackhawk and Andre. Taken to their secret hideout on SPHYNX Island, the 2 Blackhawks are forced to dogfight with Zoltan's jet pilots, but manage to contact the other Hawks, who destroy the Legion of the Doomed.

The Ghost of Blackhawk Island - Peter Vestey, international agent, appears before the Hawks as the spirit of the race who lived on Blackhawk Island. It's an elaborate plan to force out the Hawks so he can dig up the plans for a secret weapon he buried before the Hawks made the island their base. His scheme is foiled, and the secret plans turned over to the democracies.

Thanks to Roger Hill for providing the synopsis for this issue.

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