Issue No. 91

August, 1955

Treason in the Underground: The leader of the Polish underground is murdered and replaced by a communist impersonator who lures the Blackhawks into a trap. The Blackhawks are captured but escape from a castle dungeon to expose the impersonator.

The Statue that Attacked Blackhawk Island: The Communists pretend to abandon their plan of world domination and build a large statue of Blackhawk on Blackhawk island to prove their good intentions. The Blackhawks are suspicious, remembering the Trojan Horse, and foil the Communist ruse.

The Steel Colossus: (Cover Story; nice cover) The Russians appear to defeat the Steel Colossus, a giant green (or sometimes metallic) juggernaut that smashes cities ino rubble. Of course, the victorious Communists are really in cahoots with Moxon, who commands the Colossus. The Blackhawks prove that the communists are the real enemy---although the apparently indestructible Colossus itelf is never destroyed. Click here to see the splash panel.

Thanks to Doug Husak for submitting this issue.

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