Issue No. 104

September 1956

Rescue Under Fire: At the request of the secret service, the Blackhawks head for Turbritz, Austria to rescue an ex German officer, Marshal Kurt Von Kullman, who had been working as a secret operative, learning all the communists military designs. Aided by western agents, Von Kullman had escaped to Austria, and the Blackhawks job was to bring him back to the U.S. Upon arriving in Turbritz, The Blackhawks find that Von Kullman had been captured by the communists. After a car chase followed by Blackhawk and Andre skiing down the mountain side and creating an avalanche to stop the communist convoy, they rescue Von Kullman.

Book Quote: In a Mysterious Manor House outside Turbritz, Austria, A town near the Czech border, A fierce drama of survival was enacted! The forces of good were battling against the diabolical forces of evil in a desperate effort to rescue a man whose secret knowledge could tip the scales of world power! It was a fight to the finish between the Blackhawks and the Blackest - Hearted Reds who ever tried to frustrate a mercy mission! Despite every danger thrust in their path, the intrepid Blackhawks were ready to die in the attempt to to conduct their daring... RESCUE UNDER FIRE

Caged: Non Blackhawk story about an Air Force pilot who captures a wounded falcon and places him in a cage. After an air battle in which the pilot is surrounded by enemy aircraft but escapes, he releases the falcon.

Book Quote: Nelson gasped! There was no way out! The grinning Reds were playing cat and mouse with him,surrounding him on all sides, each mig like another bar of a cage, locking him in! Like a bird, stripped of its freedom and doomed to perish within a small space, Nelson was trapped!

Treachery in the Antarctic: The Blackhawks head for the Antarctic, to stop Professor Janus who is a communist agent after a large plutonium supply base. When the Blackhawks arrive, they are captured. As the communists argue over control of the plutonium, the Blackhawks escape to their jets and destroy the enemy submarines.

Book Quote: Red treachery took Blackhawk to the bottom of the world, where more things are at stake than snow and ice! Vital materials , for instance...and the death struggle between communism and democracy to control them! How the Blackhawks tried to thwart a commie grab to undo the western world and how the cunning Reds retaliated is the Nerve-Tingling story of... Treachery in the Antarctic!

Hypno The Great: Non Blackhawk short story about a performer that unmasks a jewel thief through hypnosis.

The Jet Menace: After several test pilots meet their doom while testing a new jet aircraft, the Blackhawks are called in to find the saboteur. Blachawk barely escapes with his life while testing the new jet. He has a hunch who the saboteur is and takes the designer, Malcolm Cummings with him on the next test flight. While in a steep dive, Cummings admits he designed flaws in the aircraft. In a vain attempt to escape in one of his aircraft, Cummings is doomed when the jet crashes.

Book Quote: The West's jet development program was either jinxed or being sabotaged! Test pilot after test pilot met his doom in a vain effort to carry on his vital work despite the secret terrorism! With the invisible assassins in complete triumph over the allied authorities, the Blackhawks stepped into the terrifying breach to battle... The Jet Menace!

Thanks to Bob Fulker for submitting the synopsis for this issue, and to Joe Kluczynski for providing the quotes.

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