Issue No. 168

January 1962

The Man Wh Idolized the Blackhawks: A wealthy man who admires the Blackhawks sets up phony threats for them to fight, i.e. a flying battleship, a mechanical giant, and corkscrew anti-aircraft rockets. But his fake threats are doing real damage. Unknown to him, crooks have discovered his plan and turned the fakes into the real thing. The Blackhawks discover the scheme and turn the weapons on the crooks. This story has the panel that I used as a reference to build my model of the Hawk-Jet.

The Blackhawk Time Travelers: The Blackhawks chase a small-time crook into a laboratory where he uses an experimental time machine to send Chuck, Andre and Hendrickson back to Shakespeare's England. The inventor tells the remaining Blackhawks that they must be returned within a few hours or they will be stuck in the past. The three time travelers stop Guy Fawkes from blowing up the Parliment and then are returned to 1962. Blackhawk had used Blackie to distract the crook so the team could rush him and recaptue the time machine.

The Menace from the Blackhawk Museum: On a charity tour that features demonstrations of the fantastic machines from the Blackhawk's Victory museum, including the War Wheel, the Shark Jet (called a land boat in this story for no apparent reason), and the Topster's Whirling Dervish. While Andre is demonstrating the Whirling Dervish, it is taken over by an outside force. The team try to use the War Wheel and the Mole Machine to stop it but fail. The Topster has returned to retrieve a cache of gems hidden in his machine, but he's caught by the Black Knights.

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