Issue No. 191

December 1963

The Menace of the Molecule Man: A costumed criminal invents a device to break matter down into its constituent molecules and transmit them to a distant location.

The Tales of the Blackhawk Emblem: The Blackhawks seem to have disappeared. Zinda, Lady Blackhawk, goes to the deserted Blackhawk Island to investigate. She finds Blackie and Bravo and a book called Tales of the Blackhawk Emblem, which recounts stories from people who had been inspired or saved by the Blackhawk emblem, and which the writer had submitted for the Blackhawks' approval. She reads the book and finds a clue to the Blackhawks whereabouts. Zinda, Blackie and Bravo follow and save the Blackhawks from the crooks who hold them. A pretty good story and the best rendition of the Blackhawk emblem anywhere. I used it as the basis for the emblem at the top of these pages.

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