Issue No. 221


June 1966

The Moon Monster: A strange being with a moon for a head calls himself the Moonster and operates from a huge moon shaped aircraft. He induces moon madness in the Blackhawks, causing them to fight each other. A beautiful girl saves them and explains that the Moonster isn't really from the moon but is her fiancee, a scientist fascinated by the moon who has been driven mad by a lab explosion. When the moon craft crashes into the ocean, the scientist returns to his normal self.

Detached Service Diary - Hendrickson's Secret Life: When Hendy sneaks off to be by himself, the other Blackhawks imagine all sorts of explanations, but it's really just a garden in a greenhouse. However, one of Hendy's plants is a mutation with plans to take over the world. (Did this come before or after Corman's "Little Shop of Horrors?")

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