Issue No. 248

Sep.-Oct. 1976

Vengeance is Mine!...Sayeth the Cyborg (David A. Kraft-script, James Sherman-layouts, George Evans-inks, The Gaff-colors, Gaspar Saldino-letters, Gerry Conway-editor): Blackhawk fails to stop the launch of the Bio-Lord's antimatter missile, but fortunately Chuck had managed to sabotage it's guidance system so it was aborted. Bio-Lord unleashes his horde of "metalloids" and one by one, the Blackhawks are taken down. It seems like it's all over when Andre, Patch and her girls show up and blow Bio-Lord away. Back on Blackhawk Island, Elsa is holding a gun on Hendrickson. She hates him because he was never there when she was growing up, not even there when her mother died. Hendrickson is wracked with guilt and tells her to shoot, but of course she doesn't and they hug and make up. Bio-lord, being a machine is not easily killed. He pulls a spare body out of storage and goes after the Blackhawks, attacking them in the sky. Blackhawk bails out and fights Bio-Lord hand to hand. This time, Blackhawk makes sure he destroys Bio-Lord's brain, but he loses his oxygen mask and passes out as he falls toward the ground. Olaf performs a daring mid-air rescue but Blackhawk seems to be dead.

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