Issue No. 255

February 1983

Command is a Lonely Vigil!: After saving a French village from Nazis, Blackhawk is given a medallion by a little girl. The medallion is really a device that cause him to have nightmares that make him doubt his ability to command. When the team splits up to attack separate targets, Blackhawk is shot down and left alone on a desert, where his doubts come to haunt him in full force. The team finds him but is it in time? A well written story that both explores the problems of command and gives us some further character development for all the team members, but especially Blackhawk, who until now had been the perfect, flawless hero and leader.

Detached Service Diary - Part Time Blackhawk!: Olaf is shot down in a dog fight with a Bf-109. The Nazi pilot lands to look for the downed Blackhawk. Olaf hides in a French village, where he finds Maurice, a bartender who has been telling stories of being a Blackhawk. Olaf doesn't give away the bartender's secret and pretends to remember him. When the German pilot shows up and asks where is the Blackhawk, the villagers point him to Maurice. Olaf fights the pilot to save Maurice. When the German seems to be winning, Maurice uses his gun to kill him. Olaf makes him an honorary Blackhawk and leaves him with a real story to tell. (art by Dave Cockrum)

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