Issue No. 261

August 1983

The Domino Theory!: Domino seduces a British general, kills him, and copies his code book. Its loss throws the Allied advance into disarray. Blackhawk wonders about the feelings he has for Domino. The rest of the team finds a new War Wheel destroying a French town and try the electrified fence trick, but it doesn't work this time. They follow the path of destruction across the country side till it just vanishes. Meanwhile, Blackhawk has tracked down Domino and stops her from killing another general. The story ends with Domino in an Allied prison and Hitler reviewing four doubles of himself.

Ernie Colon takes over as editor with this issue. Dan Spiegle really shines in his illustrations of the beautiful Domino. And Dave Cockrum provides a classic cover, one of the best ever for Blackhawk. (Click here to see the original art for this cover).

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