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Military Comics Issue No. 10

June 1942

Writer: Dick French, Artist: Chuck Cuidera (Cover art by the Will Eisner Shop)

Blackhawk: This story continues from Military Comics No.s 3 and 9. Andre is believed dead in No. 3 and returns in No. 9, but his face is scared beyond recognition. Military 10 opens with Dr. Van Rath, world famous plastic surgeon who was rescued from a concentration camp, performing surgery on Andre. Meanwhile in the Devil's Oven in Libya a British outpost is destroyed. At a near-by British fort, the Blackhawks are radioed for help. The Blackhawks respond even though Andre's face is now that of the concentration camp commander who drove Dr. Van Rath nearly insane. Baron Von Ziefn, the concentration camp commander, is now the leader of a unit trying to destroy the British Fort. Andre slugs Baron Von Ziefn and takes his place as leader. Andre leads the Arabs and Nazis into a trap and rescues Dr. Van Rath's daughter, which helps Dr. Van Rath regain his sanity. Dr Van Rath then restores Andre's face to normal. Andre and Dr. Van Rath's daughter announce their betrothal party. (Yes that is what it says, but don't worry by # 11 all this is forgotten.)

The Sniper: wears a Robin Hood type garment including the feathered cap and carries a sniper rifle. Senior Barezzi leads people to their death on a lake during attempts to cross into Switzerland. Senior Barezzi receives a bullet engraved with SNIPER, a message to all the Sniper's enemies. Barezzi tries to flee across lake but the Sniper shoots a hole in the boat.

Loops and Banks: both pilots, fly a B26 to pick up a letter from Stalin. They are shot down on the trip home where they change uniforms with two Nazi soldiers. They meet Hitler, force him into a closet and escape by impersonating Hitler. They steal a JU88 and fly home.

Shot and Shell: Col. Sam Shot, southern colonel and Slim Shell fly to Egypt, where they stop an Egyptian new order.

Death Patrol: meet an African Chief visiting Britain during WW2. The Chief receives a jungle drum message using British Mechanical Ears. The Death Patrol deliver the Chief to his village and discover a Nazi attack. The Nazis discover the Chief's beehives when the Death Patrol begin sending the hives over by catapult.

Phantom Clipper: a warship with super engines disguised as a clipper ship. Lt. Com. Tiger Shark, USN is the skipper. The Phantom Clipper overtakes a surprised Jap convoy and destroys two destroyers and a battleship.

Inferior Man: Known as Courtney Fudd, buys Brooklyn Bridge from conman, then asks Witch to help him take it home. The Bridge disappears from Brooklyn and appears in Fudd's hometown. The people of Brooklyn moan, " Foist we lose the World Series, now we lose the Bridge."

Blue Tracer: is a torpedo shaped ship with tank treads, small wings and a ships propeller and rudder. Shot down on an island they meet Shewolf of The Java Sea. She is half-Japanese and half-American. She decides to join the US after seeing films of Japanese atrocities. The Blue Tracer, acting as a bomb, drops through the Japanese destroyer and destroys it.

Fire Afloat: text story of Luxury Liner Normandie. During fire aboard ship Charlie saves a passenger.

Atlantic Patrol: tells how USS OMAHA captures SS Odenwald.

X of the Underground: is a female spy working against the Nazis. She poisons two Nazi soldiers at a bar, captures a Quesling, has him shot by his own soldiers and then escapes. (A little adult for a comic?)

Secret War News: Japanese planes attack the USS HERON but cannot hit her. The HERON shoots down one of the bombers.

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting this issue.

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