Military Comics Issue No. 16

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February 1943

Writer: Bill Woolfolk, Artist: Reed Crandall (Cover art by Crandall)

Blackhawk - A 15-page story with the Blackhawks battling Haupt, The Fox, "the most dangerous man in the Axis armies!" After smashing many of the Fox's desert tanks, the Blackhawks fight in the sky, with a large dogfight between the Blackhawk aircraft (again twin tailed) and Me-109s. During these dogfights, Olaf is believed killed as he smashes his Skyrocket into a 109 to save Blackhawk. Andre is shot on the ground in an ambush and Chop-Chop is captured. Chop-Chop is just about to be executed when a banged-up, but still alive, Olaf sneaks up and cuts down the executioners. Blackhawk makes a daring wing-walk from his plane as the wounded Andre pilots the Skyrocket over a German staff car. Blackhawk, now dangling from the lowered landing gear, drops into the staff care to capture Haupt in a quick fistfight. The story ends as Andre is being wheeled into surgery, giving the on-looking Blackhawk team a two-fingered victory sign.

The Sniper - A ten-page story by Vernon Henkel.

The Blue Tracer - A five-page story by "Fred"

The Phantom Clipper - An eight-page story.

Pacific Patrol - A one-page story by A. McWilliams with very nice P-39 anti-submarine action.

Private Dogtag (World's Dumbest Soldier!!) - A nine-page story by Burt Tumey.

Down to Earth - A two-page all text story about bravery.

Shot & Shell - A four-page story by Nordling.

Secret War News - Convoy Attack - by A. McWilliams. A very nicely drawn seven-page story based on facts from U.S.N. Information Bureaus.

Thanks to Stratton Hicky for providing the synopses of the stories.

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