Military Comics Issue No. 31

August 1944

Cover by Al Bryant.

"Whistling down from the skies came a mysterious hail of explosives that blasted cities into rubble and left a carnage of the dead and dying. But an even more deadly menace rides on the trail of the Blackhawks!..........For Captain Hitsu and his Suicide Squadron have sworn to pursue the Blackhawk until death!" On Blackhawk Island, Blackhawk and Stanislaus hear the sound of airplane motors, through heavy fog, Blackhawk sees two planes one of which crashes. Rushing through the flames. Blackhawk pulls the pilot to safety, before dying the pilot is able to give Blackhawk some crutial information on a Jap attack. Captain Hitsu flies a zepplin and tries to trick Blackhawk and his men with an attack from above. Blackhawk fights with Captain Hitsu as only he can "I'm hit, but I can still take that bag of wind with me." While a death struggle ensues, Stan shoots down the zepplin. Plunging back to earth, a wounded Blackhawk and his men make Hitsu run, hiding and cursing for revenge. A Toast to a fallen Stan?? "So falls the first Blackhawk to die in their valiant struggle against tyranny! But is Stanislaus really dead? Read on........................"

Death Patrol - "That gang of Adventurers in the jail-bird stripes is back again for another slap at their favorite targets, the Nips."

The Sniper - by Vernon Henkel

Private Dogtag - By Private Bart Tuney. "All his life Private Dogtag had nursed a secret yearning...To be a magician's assistant."

P.T. Boat - Next Pacific Patrol by Fred Guardineer

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and Joseph Kluczynski for submitting the synopsis.

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