Military Comics Issue No. 34

November 1944

Cover by Al Bryant.

1. “Blackhawk” Uncredited, but the art looks like Murphy Anderson… A 15-page story centered on what has always been bad luck for the Blackhawks. This time, it's named: Eve Rice. Lovely and glamorous, while “…gentle as a rattlesnake, as harmless as a hungry tiger, and as warm-hearted as a polar iceberg!” As the Blackhawks relax on Blackhawk Island they finally get to read some magazines, only to discover clandestine pictures of them in action, taken by “Eve Rice…“ Timing is everything, because just then a plane with Allied markings flies over the secret island. As the Blackhawks man anti-aircraft guns the plane drops a message streamer with a warning that the Japanese have discovered the island's location and are sending aircraft to destroy them all. The Blackhawks scramble and find it was just in time to intercept a whole squadron of bombers and escorts. The Blackhawks have their hands full, but they sing songs as they blast away      “Throw another Jap on the fire"      Suddenly, Chuck is in trouble from two Zeros. But, someone shoots one down and Chuck is able to take care of the 2nd one himself. As he thanks his fellow Blackhawks, they all say they didn't do it… when a “g-g-g-girl's voice” says: “You're welcome.” The Blackhawks land and Chop-Chop counts seven planes returning… “but only six Blackhawk planes went up!” The Blackhawks tackle the extra pilot, and discover “a g-g-g-girl!” She proceeds to tell the Blackhawks she's the one who told the Japanese about the island, so she could get some good action photos. As the Blackhawks get ready to spank this gal, she confesses her worship of Blackhawk… Of course the Blackhawks all want her off the island. But after a quick conference the Blackhawks agree to let her stay on the island, since she's given away the island's secret location the Blackhawks decide to find a new secret hideaway. They lock the blonde in a shack and take off, turning back just to take one last look at the island, only to see bombs going off from the second wave of Japanese planes. The Blackhawks go into action, shooting all attackers down and even strafing the survivors who crash-land on the island. Blackhawk lands to find the shack has taken a direct hit. As he begins to look through the rubble, one downed Japanese pilot is just about to shoot Blackhawk as a warning from Eve gives Blackhawk enough warning to subdue the bad guy. Eve has been taking pictures of all the action from a safe distance, having shot the lock off the door as soon as the Blackhawks took off. Her plane destroyed, and the island no longer safe, Blackhawk is forced to put her in his plane and fly her to some “safe and civilized spot.” The story concludes that dumping Eve Rice may not be such an easy job!!

2. “Death Patrol” A four-page story by Al Stahl.

3. “The Sniper” An eight-page story without story line or art credit.

4. “Johnny doughboy” A one-pager.

5. “Private Dogtag” A nine-page story.

6. “The Mystic Element” A two-page text story about a 70-year old lady “desert rat” that strikes gold. Josie's claim also contains a goodly amount of Uranium salts (U-235) for which science predicts amazing things in the future…

7. “PT Boat” A nine-page story about LTs Perry Tobias and his partner Paul Harvey discovering “The secret of Fan-Tan”.

8. “Atlantic Patrol” A one-pager about James Raley and how he fell almost four miles in the tail of his aircraft's severed tail… and lived to fly and fight again!

9. “Secret War News” A seven-page story about Major Richard Bong (Ace of Aces) and his P-38 victories, by “Quankenbush”.

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and to Stratton Hicky for providing the synopses of the stories.

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