Military Comics Issue No. 35

January 1945

Shipwreck Island: In the Pacific, ships are mysteriously disappearing near Shipwreck Island, well behind the lines of combat where they should be safe. Meanwhile, on Blackhawk Island, the team is trying to decide if Eve Rice should be allowed to stay. Blackhawk lays down the law, there's no place for a woman on Blackhawk Island and she leaves in the morning. Then they discuss plans to plant one of them on the next ship going by Shipwreck Island while Eve listens at the door. Chop-Chop catches her eavesdropping. She tells him to give her regards to Blackhawk and then she takes off in Blackhawk's plane. Soon they receive a radio message from Eve aboard the Prince of Indore, but the message breaks off in mid-sentence. Naturally, our stalwart heroes fly to her rescue. They find the ship and land their float equipped Skyrockets alongside. There is no one alive aboard. Blackhawk finds Eve's compact and in its lid, the message "subs…shipwreck lagoon. Blackhawk deduces immediately that a wolfpack has been cutoff in the lagoon from their own forces and is raiding Allied shipping. Sure enough, Eve is aboard one of three Japanese submarines hiding in a sea cave on the island. Blackhawk drops his plane onto the lagoon and the Japanese open fire with machine guns from the cave (not to smart to reveal their location like that but convenient for the plot). Blackhawk pretends to be hit, swims under water to shore where he knocks out the machine gunners. He picks up the machine gun and attacks the entire Japanese force. They retreat to their boats, flee the cave and are immediately dive-bombed by the rest of the Blackhawks. The Japanese commander puts Eve in the open so she can be seen, so the team breaks off their attack. They land their planes, board the sub and fight hand to hand. Eve knocks the commander overboard with a solid right cross. They find Blackhawk, wounded, on the beach. Eve returns to Blackhawk Island, against his protests, to nurse him back to health.

Page 6, a good view of the F5F-1 markings for this period plus the Skyrocket equipped with floats.

Other stories in this issue:
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Death Patrol (by Al Stahl)
Johnny Doughboy
Private Dogtag (by M. Stein)
Lost Woman (uncredited text story)
PT Boat
Pacific Patrol
Secret War News

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue.

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