Modern Comics Issue No. 47

March 1946

Count Hokoy - Celebrating in a small middle-eastern village, the Hawks are visited by Parsee, an old Allied Forces spy during the war. He tells Blackhawk the Japanese warlord, Count Hokoy, was hiding in town. Blackhawk agrees to keep Parsee's identity a secret if he leads Blackhawk and Stanislaus into the town's seedier section to find Hokoy. Hokoy, instead, sets a trap for Blackhawk and kidnaps him, flying the Black Knight leader to his lair on Raksha Mountain to confront a host of past enemies.

Other stories in this issue:
      Choo Choo
      Death Patrol
      Johnny Doughboy (1pager)
      Dog Tag
      text story: The White Apes
      Will Bragg

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and Don Secrease for submitting the synopsis.

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