Modern Comics Issue No. 50

      June 1946

Death to Blackhawk!: Wealthy industrialist Cairn is using his money to gain power in the countries weakened by the war. The Blackhawks fly to his headquarters in the tiny nation of Mount Zerro. Cairn fires a pistol at Blackhawk's plane as it approachs his castle and Blackhawk throws in a cannister containing a message challenging Cairn to meet him face to face. Cairn instead sends his henchmen, who the Blackhawks defeat in a sword fight. Cairn himself shows up at the inn where the Black Knights are staying and refuses to fight, even when Blackhawk slaps him across the face. Blackhawk follows him back to his castle, where the villian attempts to kill Blackhawk with a new poison created in his labs. The rest of the team arrives in an autogyro and in the ensuing battle, the castle is burned and Cairn is killed by his own poison. I didn't much care for this story. The plot is contrived and the motives for both Blackhawk and Cairn are unbelievable.

Ezra (comedy): Ezra gets into trouble when a rival for Myrna's affections fakes a wanted poster and leads everyone to think the new gas inspector is a wanted burglar.

Death Patrol : The Death Patrol is called in to solve a problem at the two mile high Skyscraper. When Hank learns the job is to rescue a cat from the top of the tower, he tricks the team into doing the job, but they are so embarrassed by the ordinariness of the task that they refuse to take any reward.

Will Bragg: Will and Gully attempt to solve a murder, only the dead man is really only sleeping from a delayed sleeping pill.

Johnny Doughboy: Johny's dad is mad when he finds that Johnny used his razor to shave the dog.

Jungle Justice: (all text story) Lew Kingsley, pilot for TACA Airways, crashes his Lockheed in a South American jungle. Meanwhile, at the chicle station for which the plane was headed, someone is driving the native workers away to gain ownership of the valulable property. Ed Robbins, construction chief for TACA, tracks down the culprit, who had also been responsible for tampering with the fuel in Kingsley's plane. He finds him strangled by a devil tree, jungle justice. This story has a lot of interesting information about the chicle industry and the Peten jungle, but the plot is weak.

Choo-Choo (comedy): She gets hired for what she thinks is an acting gig but turns out to be a wrestling match. She's supposed to lose but wins by shear clumsiness.

Ex-Private Dogtag (comedy): Dogtag is discharged from the Army and has trouble adjusting to civilian life. When he wrecks a fancy restaurant, the only way he can pay for the damages is by peeling a mountain of potatoes, a job with which he is all too familiar.

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