Modern Comics Issue No. 53

September 1946

The Black Lancers - Vacationing in a resort city, the hawks are too slow in helping stop a widespread riot. An army of criminals is stopped from looting by Baron Scar and his Black Lancers. Blackhawk is suspicious of the Lancer's punctuality..His suspicion grows when one of the looters blames the riot on Scar and is then killed. Then Blackhawk is, in turn, arrested; later to be killed and, posthumously, blamed for starting the riots. The Baron's plan is to set himself up as the law and reap the city's wealth.

Other stories in this issue:
      Dog Tag
      Choo Choo
      text story: Killer Ship
      Will Bragg
      Poodle McDoodle (1pager)
      Prudence (1pager)

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and Don Secrease for submitting the synopsis.

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