Modern Comics Issue No. 64

August 1947

Invaders from the Moon - After battling Chinese pirates called the Red Dragon, Blackhawk mistakes the experimental moon rockets of Professor Amok as ground-to-air missiles. The misunderstanding straightened out, the Hawks befriend the professor as Chop-Chop falls for his beautiful assistant, Mei Ling. Soon, a Chinese village is attacked by what Mei Ling and Chop-Chop believe are real moon men, summoned there after receiving the rockets Amok had fired to the moon.

Other stories in this issue:
      Dog Tag
      Prudence (1pager)
      Choo Choo
      text story: Strange Vigil
      Will Bragg

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover for this issue and Don Secrease for submitting the synopsis.

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