Military Comics Issue No. 67

November 1947

Reed Crandall, art.

The Plateau Of Oblivion: The Blackhawks find a schooner called the Grey Ghost wrecked on the shores of Blackhawk Island. Investigating, they discover the crew dead and the only living soul on the ship is a caveman, complete with tiger skin and club, a' la Alley Oop. The caveman attacks them and nearly defeats them all, but then leaps into the sea and seems to drown. Later, Blackhawk visits famous scientist, Dr. Mendoza, looking for an explanation of the caveman's existance. The doctor explains it away as a mass illusion. Blackhawk is not satisfied and examines the log of the ship, discovering clues that lead's him to a stange island that features a vast plateau with a valley in its center. He lands on the beach and follows a weird creature through a tunnel into the plateau's interior. Of course, there he finds a lost world complete with dinosaurs and more cavemen. Mendoza has set himself up as a petty ruler of the cavemen. They capture Blackhawk and are about to do away with him when he is saved by a beautiful blonde girl in a red bikini. She is a survivor of the research team sailing on the Grey Ghost looking for prehistoric beasts. When they found the island, Mendoza kidnapped the girl and set on of his cavemen to dispose of the rest of the crew. Blackhawk fights Mendoza, declaring he can't live as a slave. He is overpowered by the cavemen, who are soon in battle with the rest of the Black Knights who have come looking for their chief. The humans are captured, but they all are freed by one of the cavemen, Magg, who has been inspired by Blackhawk's words. Magg kills Mendoza, dying in the process. Magg's sacrifice is in vain, because the volcano which is the hollow plateau erupts, killing everyone who doesn't have airplanes to make their escapes, as the Blackhawks do.

This story was reprinted in The Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told, 1990.

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting the cover scan for this issue.

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