Modern Comics Issue No. 69

      January 1948.

Murder from the Clouds!: Airliners are disappearing over the ocean. Their engines are destroyed by a Melting Ray Gun. A giant aircraft carrier "rescues" the planes. Mr. Carnage was burned in a plane crash so he seeks revenge on the whole world. Blackhawk investigates alone and is captured. Blackhawk pretends to join the gang but turns the tables and destroys the enemy with the other Blackhawks. NOTE: This is the first time Blackhawk's F5F-1 Skyrocket runs into an enemy jet plane.

Torchy by Bill Ward (comedy): Torchy takes a job as a secretary in a prison. Criminals don't want to leave while others want to break in.

Private Dogtag (comedy): Dogtag takes a job in a lab. He releases a generosity serum and gives everything away.

Ezra (comedy): Ezra learns hypnotism and uses it on his girl-friend, boss and animals.

Choo-Choo (comedy): She gets hired to be an assistant to a rich man but uncovers a plot to kill same.

Blackhawk Plays Hawk (all text story): Test planes are crashing. Blackhawk discovers a Rocket Plane flying high over the test site. The Rocket Plane drops fine steel powder into the test planes' engines. The Blackhawks destroy the Rocket Plane with shells full of aluminum powder.

Will Bragg (comedy): Will almost gets married on a bet. Will says I DO and wins the bet but no one thought of getting a wedding license. He flees.

Thanks to David Chapman for submitting this issue.

Note that the Blackhawk emblem used as the background for these pages comes from the cover of this issue.

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