Modern Comics Issue No. 90

October 1949

Blackhawk defeats a Mountain Empire of Death: Strogg, the international scoundrel, has fled beyond the mountains to the Forbidden Country to build himself a regime of tyrany, lies, and peril. Becoming master of the Forbidden Country, he is buying weapons with it's jewels. Strogg is an agent of world revolution intending to hand the country over to a certain Aggressor Nation. He is pursued by the Blackhawks and escapes in a plane only to be shot down and captured.

Torchy - Torchy tries to become like the woman in the movie "Lady of the East" with comic results

Ezra - Trys to help his girlfiend Myrna"s father win the garden club award

Will Bragg - arranges a boxing match to help landlady Mrs. Mahoulahan and the Ladies Aid Society milk fund.

Wuncloo - "The Defective Detective" - 1 pager

Thanks to David Chapman for the cover scan and Roger Hill for the synopsis for this issue.

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