Modern Comics Issue No. 92

      December 1949

Blackhawk crushes JAROMIR the monocled madman: Colonel Jaromir and his accomplice, madame Zoleska, pursue Baroness Rilla to learn the identity of her nation's (Travino) secret envoy. The Blackhawks, working for the League of Democracy, undo his plans and it's revealed that the Baroness is the secret envoy assigned to attend the secret meeting of international envoys at the International Carnival Ball.

Torchy - becomes Miss Goldrush of 1949 and queen of the Gold Gulch Centennial

Ezra - has a special date with Myrna for a Saturday night painting party.

Will Bragg - rescues Neeta Pajoota in the international speedboat race and becomes involved in a love triangle with her suitors, Rinaldo and Don Polycarpo

(Editor's note:) Interesting that this is the first Modern cover to show a Republic F-84 in Blackhawk markings, though the canopy of the plane Blackhawk is flying appears to be the distinctive design of the Grumman F5F-1 Skyrocket.

Thanks to David Chapman for the cover scan and to Roger Hill for the synopsis for this issue.

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