Modern Comics Issue No. 99

      July 1950

The Moon becomes a battleground when the intrepid Blackhawks conquer lunar space: Blackhawk commands the first flight to the moon in an experimental craft developed by the Allied Scientists of the Democratic Powers. On the moon, they encounter Zorak and his crew from the government who opposes the democracies. They have discovered what they think is a treasure in diamonds only to learn they are not true diamonds. Blackhawk convinces Zorak to help the Blackhawks build a moon base for a big ship from Earth bringing permanent colonists.

Torchy - helps photographer Ed, and by posing for pictures with husbands, gets them into wife problems

Will Bragg - meets his supposed old time leading lady from the movies, Dolly Demure.

Ezra - poses as a tennis pro, the Great Schmobert, to crash a party at the country club Ritz

Thanks to David Chapman for the cover scan and to Roger Hill for the synopsis for this issue.

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