Sky Wolf

Mikel Midnight notes that another Sky Wolf was published by Lev Gleason's Comic House, Inc. during the 40's. He recently sent me the following: "I finally have a pic of Sky Wolf, from SS #4; don't know what to do about the total lack of similarity between this picture and the description below by Steranko. I have also added a wee bit more detail to the history.

Secret Identity: Paul Storm
Costume: Orange garb with a blue mask to hide his identity.
Tools & Weapons: Plane which sports a wolf's head symbol on each wing.
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #4, May 1940
History: A brilliant commercial pilot, Storm was in Poland when it was invaded by the Germans. In a blitzkrieg raid led by Baron Kraft he lost his wife and unborn child. Vowing vengeance he donned a mask, stepped into a specially constructed plane, and became the Sky Wolf. His solo activities in Norrland and across Europe had him battling foes such as the Flying Dragon. His last appearance was in Silver Streak #6."

Mikel sent me an update: I thought you might want this for the page, or at least be interested to see it. It's Richard Boucher's illustration of the character (shown at right), combining Steranko's description with the cover illo.

DLT: There were many flying heroes in the comics during World War II. This character seems to be more an imitator of Skyman than Blackhawk, though his origin is very similar to Blackhawk's. Or, since Gleason's Sky Wolf hit the stands before Blackhawk, perhaps it is Blackhawk's origin that is similar to Sky Wolf's.

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