Bob Fulker's Blackhawk Models

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Bob sent the following:

"I tried to make the aircraft look as close to the comic book rendition as possible, with one exception. I inverted the Blackhawk emblem on the left side of the fuselage. I suspect that at the time I made these models, I did not have a good representation of this side of the aircraft. I only had a couple of issues representing the F5F Skyrocket at that time. When I sketched the emblems, I did not like the hawk looking aft, so I inverted it. It has been so long ago I do not recall what issues or panels I used to get profiles of the the aircraft.

"My models were cut or carved from balsa wood, then sanded into shape. As I mentioned I would look at various panels from the comic books for the profiles. The fuselage, tail, wings and stabilizers were spray painted then assembled. The markings were hand painted. As I remember, I used a decal for the circle of the emblem, then hand painted over the decal. It was at this time, when I sketched the hawk that I inverted it. Straight pins were used for the guns, and pieces of decals were used for the canopy frame. The base was put together from parts of an old trophy."

Model built by and photos and commentary provided by Bob Fulker.

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