The helmet was one of the main reasons I created Commander Comet instead of trying to replicate the costumes from The Rocketeer or Commando Cody. Both of the helmets from those stories completely covered the wearer's face. I didn't mind that, but it was obvious that they would not fit someone who wore glasses, as I do. So I designed my own helmet, using the materials I could find. I started with a hard plastic bicycle helmet (not one of those made entirely from foam, though this one did have a styrofoam liner) that I purchased very cheaply at a thrift store. I filled the ventilation holes in the helmet with pieces of styrene sheet plastic and superglue. I don't know what kind of plastic the helmet is made from but it didn't quite match the hardness of the styrene and I had a very hard time getting the filler pieces to blend in. I lowered the sides and back of the helmet with more sheet styrene to give it the look of a pilot's flight helmet. I did want a fin on the helmet but I made it a simple triangular shape ike that worn by Adam Strange instead of the art deco style used in The Rocketeer. The 'goggles' are an integral part of the helmet. My first try had a rectangular shape, as can be seen in a few of the gallery photos. But I was not satisfied with that and rebuilt them after the Con*Stellation Masquerade to make them look more like the goggles worn by Captain Video. The lens was cut from tinted Lexan.

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