Paty's husband Dave recounts her close encounter as follows:

Paty says to tell you she actually saw Doc once. Summer of 1975 in Manhattan.  She was walking to catch her train to go home. About 5:pm on Madison Ave, wall-to-wall people.  "Suddenly, coming toward me, like a hot knife through butter," (her quotes) was this tall, golden individual.  I stopped dead in my tracks and just watched him coming toward me.  He was dressed in a shimmery, ivory-colored shirt with billowy sleeves and high cuffs, unbuttoned halfway down his chest. He was golden tan.  He wore old-fashioned twill jodhpurs with the flare on the upper thigh, dark brown boots halfway up his calves. His hair was a sort of blondish bronze, and his eyes were absolutely golden.  I whispered to myself (my lips moved) 'Oh my god, it's Doc Savage'. He saw what I said, and as he went by he winked and kept going.  In the time it took me to turn around and watch him leaving, he was gone into the crowd".

"Some years later, after we'd married and moved to Long Island, I was riding home on the LIRR one evening...when I became aware that the two guys in the seat ahead of me were engaged in a very lively discussion, and when I heard the words 'Monk and Ham', I started to listen.  It seems one of them had seen Monk, and one had seen Ham--identifiable as those people.  I reached over and tapped them on the shoulder and said 'I've seen Doc.' We spent the rest of the trip talking about Doc sightings."  (She says it wasn't Ron Ely.)

(Dave again) "I went to the Empire State Building once and looked for signs of Doc's occupancy...There's a small elevator away from the main banks, in an alcove.  There was also a 'Savage' listed on the list of tenants, along with a Mayfair, a Renwick, and a Littlejohn."

Dave swears this is a true story. Says he, "I imagine they were real tenants." 


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