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Who's Who: Blackhawk

Name: Janos Prohaska
Code Name: Blackhawk
Occupation: Leader of the paramilitary organization known as The Blackhawks; publicly, the president of Blackhawk Airways.
Base of Operations: National Airport, Washington, DC
Born: 10/31/12 Krakow, Poland
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

     Little is known about the early days of Janos Prohaska's life. It is assumed that he had a normal childhood and adolescence, though the many records destroyed during the Nazi occupation make this difficult to verify.
     It is known that Prohaska flew with the Bill Heywood Heywood Squadron, fighting the fascists during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. He is rumored to have joined the Communist Party at this time. That his opposition to the Stalin/Hitler Pact of 1938 led to his denouncement by no less than Joseph Stalin makes it clear that this was not a lasting association. No evidence exists of any continued communist ympathies.
     The Nazi invasion of Poland and the resultant death of Prohaska's brother and sister - Jozek and Staszka - is assumed to have been the turning point in his wartime involvement. Shortly thereafter, Prohaska created the identity of Blackhawk. Though initially a solo pilot, Prohaska was soon joined by other flyers who had been inspired by his exploits. Together, they formed the famed flying combat squadron "The Blackhawks."
     Records pertaining to The Blackhawks' wartime activities are spotty, though second and third-hand witness reports indicate a highly effective fighting force. Perhaps the squadron's most celebrated exploit came in 1943 when The Blackhawks saved Manhattan from the threat of atomic destruction at the hands of Nazi sympathizer - and former swashbuckling movie star - Death Mayhew.
     Prohaska's whereabouts immediately following the war are unknown. He surfaced again in 1947 running a not entirely successful air charter service out of Singapore. By 1948, Blackhawk Airways had relocated and was operating out of Washington, DC. The fact that the previously unsuccessful charter service prospered in its stateside location lends credence to rumors that Prohaska secretly was sponsored by then fledgling C.I.A.
     As regards Prohaska's abilities, analysis indicates a skilled warrior with a flair for leadership and gift for strategy. He was also considered an excellent pilot who could "fly anything." An electronics and technology "buff," Prohaska is known to have been interested in and involved with television's early development.
     Records regarding Prohaska's (and The Blackhawks') activities post-1955 remain classified. His current whereabouts, if he is still alive, are unknown.

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