Who's Who: Chuck

Name: Carlo "Chuck" Sirianni
Born: 1919 Calabria, Italy
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 158 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red

     When he was two, Chuck Sirianni immigrated, with his parents, to the United States. The family settled in Hoboken, New Jersey.
     By 1938 the senior Sirianni's butcher shop had grown into a thriving meat packing business. In order to avoid being forced into a business that did not interest him, Chuck left home to join the British Royal Air Force.
     Learning his flying skills with the R.A.F., Sirianni was later recruited (through MI5) by the O.S.S. By 1941 he was flying with The Blackhawks. It has been suggested that his joining the squadron may originally have been at the request of the O.S.S., who may have had reasons to keep tabs on The Blackhawks.
     Sirianni is an expert pilot and served as The Blackhawks' chief navigation officer. He is known to have dabbled in electronics and technology, especially as they pertain to aeronautic advancement.
     Chuck Sirianni's current whereabouts are unknown.

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