Art by Bill Wray

A much older Weng Chan as Chairman of
Blackhawk Express, from Hawkworld #11

Who's Who: Chop Chop

Name: Weng Chan
Born: 1927 Hong Kong, China
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

     Weng Chan, the son of a wealthy Hong Kong restaurateur, moved with his family to San Francisco, California in 1932.
     The Chan family wealth insured the young Weng's entrance into three Ivy League colleges, all of which he was kicked out of, as well.
     "Kicking about" Europe during the early days of World War II, Weng Chan got caught up in the cause and joined The Blackhawks, functioning as a pilot, flight mechanic, and (initially) cook.
     Following World War II, Chan returned to California. Having been disowned by his father, he entered Pacifica University at Alta Linda on the G.I. Bill. In his short time there he furthered his studies in aeronautical engineering.
     In 1947 Chen rejoined The Blackhawks as Chief Flight Mechanic of Blackhawk Airways.
     Weng Chan is presently Chairman of the Board of Blackhawk Express, the current incarnation of Blackhawk Airways International. He resides in New York City, NY.

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