Kingdom Come


Mark Waid (script) and Alex Ross (art)

There is little I can add to the high praise and acclaim this work has earned. I list it here because among its multitude of characters, the Blackhawks play a small but crucial role. These are not the Blackhawks with whom we are familiar, but some future descendants. It is not clear that they are descended from the Chaykin Blackhawks, either, since both Chaykin's interpretation of the Blackhawk insignia and an earlier version of the insignia appear (see Evolution of the Blackhawk Emblem). But since Kingdom Come was published after Chaykin's work, I've included it with other spin-offs from his Blackhawk.

Jess Nevins, author of the extensive annotations of Kingdom Come that have been published on the WWW, provides the following: "BTW, I asked Mark Waid about the identity of the guy dropping the bomb in issue #4, and he said it was the son of Chop-Chop. Which I think is both funny and cool."

The Kingdom Come Revelations supplement says this about the Blackhawks planes: "The Blackhawks' presence as the military's special unit air force seemed to be appropriate, even with the irony of this onetime hero group delivering the final Armageddon to the superhumans. The use of the planes was, more than anything else, an excuse for making use of a wonderful futuristic airship design that my friend John Olimb had done. My former schoolmate had designed this craft ages ago, creating numerous illustrations as well as making a small model of it. I knew someday I'd borrow this bizarre design from him."

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