Sandman Mystery Theatre #45 to #48

December 1996 to March 1997

Matt Wagner and Steven T. Seagle (writers), Matthew Smith (artist), John Costanza (letterer), David Hornung (colorist), Karen Berger (editor).

"The Blackhawk" - Janos Prohaska is in America, ostensibly flying with an air circus, but actually trying to raise money for the resistance movement in Poland. He is implicated in a series of murders. The Sandman, Wesley Dodds, believes him innocent and proves that is so.

Frankly, I didn't like anything about this story. The art is terrible, the writing slow and ponderous, and Prohaska is incidental to the story. His is just a McGuffin to drive the plot. His abilities as a flyer make no difference to the outcome. There is really nothing in the story to lead the reader to think this character will someday be a hero named Blackhawk.

It probably mattered little to most readers, but I was bothered that they had Prohaska flying the Grumman F5F-1 Skyrocket over a year before it was designed and built.

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