Blackhawk Special #1


John Ostrander (writer), Mike Vosburg (artist), Steve Haynie (letterer), Julia Lacquement (colorist), Mike Gold (editor)

This is the last Blackhawk comic book to see print. A continuation of the continuity created by Howard Chaykin, the story is set ten years after the Pasko/Burchett series. It covers a lot of territory, from Viet Nam to Dallas, and time, from 1963 to 1968. It involves the Blackhawks in big historical events, notably the assassination of President Kennedy. But it is also a personal story of Blackhawk's drive to avenge the death of Andre. The story is full of the paranoia and conspiracy theories that run through all of the Chaykin inspired Blackhawk books. It is a well written story and the artwork is some of the best in this continuity, similar to Chaykin in style but not imitative. It stands well on it's own. All in all, this is an excellent effort and a valuable addition to the Blackhawk legacy. It is a shame only that it was the last.

This special managed to include an unusually large number of different kinds of aircraft in Blackhawk livery. They are illustrated in the Blackhawk Aircraft page.

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